Tuesday, October 03, 2006

An opening

Have ur feelings changed for me? Do u still want to marry me? Do u miss me like i miss you? Do u really long to talk to me like you claim? Friends have become distant, all there is, is u and i. U r wut matters to me. i only wish u really knew...

I don't even turn to them (friends) for advice like i used to. When we married, wuts us is us rite? u'd be surprised how things have changed. But i'm still in love wit u. That hasn't changed
*Quoted from me*
Know wus scary, to me at least?
Losin Aubry, not havin her n my life. Losin her love
My friends be tellin me bout they girl n wut not, n i'm thinkin "So, I got Aubry"
I be wantin all my friends (guys lol) 2 go get an Aubry
To me, she's like tha rare pokemon card from back in tha day
N i got it in a booster pack
N i brag about that shit, hell people brag for me
Luis was talkin about girls n i get ready to comment n he says "Shut up Tim, not everyone has an Aubry"
So i shuteded tha fuck up n was like "true true"
*end of quotes*
Bry, i'm so fuckin proud n happy to have u n my life i'd do flips if i wasn't scared i'd land on my neck and die
I ALWAYS THINK OF U. I could be on tha fone with another girl, with James, Bryan, Jinx it don't matta. I'm thinkin of u. Ya know momma is starting to ask questions but......she refers to u has her daughter-in-law. Example. "So u talk to my daughter-in-law? Hows my daughter-in-law?"
At first it threw me off, i've neva heard momma refer to anyone like that. N yet thas wut she calls u, n hasn't changed tha term. Even momma talks about us gettin married lol
I'm lost, and i know u know tha feeling. But i'm lost and ur not around enough to hep guide me to tha rite path. U think i ask u think kinda stuff because i really don't know but i do. I just need an opinion other than my own. I can understand if ur lost as well, but don't push me away. If u wanna push some, push tha numbers on tha fone and call me. U write one thing, and ur actions do another. Who am i to believe, tha writer, or tha college student? Even if u don't have nothing to say dammit call! Just knowin u took tha time to call me means so much. I can't even hear ur voice on ur voice mail for satisfaction. And u tellin ur roomates u were in love wit me, made me happy and embarassed. I'm all like "So she's this conforatable with her feelings about me, it's about time lol"
Tha poems that i write for/to u, aren't from tha Poet Tim. They're from Tim's Heart, My Heart. And u are my heart. I constantly daydream about u. Tha dreams aren't lustful, they're of us as in US. Spending qt (quality time) together, holdin hands, eating gummy worms, watchin family guy. Eatin tha food u cook that makes u shit (see not all cakin lol) I don't exactly know all ur worries related towards me, but i know mine towards you. I'm afraid some guy will sweep u of ur feet cause he doesn't know about me. That u'll spend more qt with him, and send me to tha voice mail more often when i call. And out of tha blue, u tell me ur not in love with me anymore. That scared tha livin shit outta me.
I need u to love me tha way no one else ever has
I need u to understand me, to where u tell me why i'm lost, be i can tell that i am lost
I need u to miss me to where my eyes swell up because i don't want U feeling that way
I need u to comfort me, until my past is eitha forgotten or forgiven
I held my brother as his body jerk uncontrolably. I felt his every movement, i saw tha warmth leave his eyes as his stare became cold and aimless. I saw his tongue move in and out his mouth, his drool like down his chin as i'm saying "Wealth, Wealth, come on snap outta this. Don't be a baby be a big boi" And him remain silent, still stare'n cold into tha nothingness. I put my hand on his chest to feel his heart be was beyond a normal pace. As he recover, my mind was on u. I had to tell u. I told u about tha last, i'll tell u about tha recent. Why? Because just as much as he is my baby brother (he is tha youngest) i see him equally as yours.
If u got bad news to tell me just say it. Wut, will i slip into depression? I been there for a couple weeks now. Just be real. I love you, i'm IN love wit you, and i miss you.
Call me


Anonymous Aubry said...

Imma try to call soon I PROMISE!

5:10 PM  
Blogger why fall in love when u can stand in it? said...

not everyone has an aubry...wow, thats love darlin, thats love

2:30 PM  
Blogger Remy X said...

WOW! You had so much to say about her. It's so damn amazing how you can relate everything back to her. It's almost as amazing as the fact that she didn't really have anything to say about that four page essay that you took so long to write just to express your love for her. You do really love her or you're on some major obsession.
If someone ever wrote something like that I'd really feel appreciated. "I PROMISE!" No further comments.
~Hate It or Love It~

11:56 PM  
Blogger Take away this pain and let me live happy again said...

remy x... i love it

mia... love is only how one feels. not everyone wants an aubry...

and aubry... u shud really call him!!!!!!!!

but tim the poem was deep straight from the heart... i guess thats what makes you... you are truely talented and i would be passed out on the floor if you wrote me a passion filled poem like that.. i was really into it and i could say a whole lott more but i dont wanna make anyone look bad like your previous comment i aint gonna name any names. lol love ya

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Aubry said...

Okay lets get something straight for ALL of y'all real fast. If none of you are in college then you have NOTHING to say about anything that has to do with ME. Y'all can say what y'all want but the bottom line is this time I am going to say something. If I dont respond it doesn't mean I didn't read it or like it, its jus sometimes I dont have enough time to be on the computer to write something back. He knows I have read it if I left a comment on another saying. Most of the time I dont say anything about what y'all have to say because its ur personal opinion and I know that he's ur friend. But if your so worried about him why dont u fall in love with him and have him fall in love wit u! How amazing would that be?!

And ur right Take away not everyone wants an Aubry in there life

Mia I have nothin to say

Remy X...Umm if u had someone that loves you like he loves me then I wouldn't have anything to say about it but for u to say something about something that you only have one point of view of then ma get over it it.

So Tim, you alreayd know how I am this was me tryin to be nice. But the us real talk yeah it does need to come into play real fast b/c somethings have to be said on my part.

10:14 AM  
Blogger why fall in love when u can stand in it? said...

when someone has a person they love that deep, they're lucky. love runs its course and sometimes it has its bad parts, its ups and downs...but its still stading, u know (in my new orleans accent i picked up from a friend)but fareal fareal, i think love like that is hard to find, and when a person finds it they hold on to it, so keep up what yall got (i know u will)

9:42 PM  
Blogger Take away this pain and let me live happy again said...

o wow i am a liitle amazed at the comment from ya boo... beacyse the comment as long as it was (which we wanted) still wasnt about your poem... it was about us and our comments.. but if u satisfied with it i guess....

all i have to say is that u dont know who is friends wit ya love or not when u find time in ur busy college life maybe click on a page or to from the people u commenting to... i am in love with him yeah consider reading my last post ma.... he dont even know its there oops now he does..... well okaii thats all i have to say... talk to him morea nd maybe you'll know.. im outta sorry i had to profess it this way yummy but aaa.. im tired of being nice and held back.... o and again the poem is great... your work alwayz is

10:23 PM  
Blogger Remy X said...

That was real classy and everything, but like you said it is your opinion, so if you wanted to say something then I wouldn't stop you. Most of the things that were commenting on, I didn't even leave as a comment on here.
There is nothing to get over. I do not want him and I have no need for him to fall in love with me. I'll let you babysit that. He also isn't my friend, BUT my friend's friend.
Also, reading between the lines, you should have realized that it wasn't about your comment it was about how long his description was.Your college education should have pointed that out.
To comment on something, you ONLY need one side of the story. The other sides are optional. There are always three sides to a story. I respect both of your sides and BELIEVE I ain't trying to interfere with that. Take it how you want it. 1
~Hate It or Love It~

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Aubry said...

You know y'all have really given me something to laugh at honestly you have. You think I didn't know you was in love with him? Better yet you think he didn't tell me? As much as y'all are worried about how long my comments are y'all should know that I know everything. I dont have to leave a thousand word comment back for each and every poem. If I like it I will tell him if I dont then I will tell him. That "Oh I love it" been there done that. U see I love him more than any of you know...but I dont do emotions so I dont always say it. But back to the u love him...thats the best right there for me. For me to know that someone wants something that I have and love is a feeling that not only is great but is something to remember. As much as he has told you, you dont know anything about me. Remember something ma, you love someone that doesn't love you, in fact he loves me so at the end the only person that is in a loose, loose area here is you. But its not meant for disrespect honestly it's not but you gotta remember you already told him you hate me for being the one he loves, and you dont know a damn thing about me.

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Lakeisha said...

fuck all that shit!!! The shit was good. Young man out there loves who he loves and young girl hates who she hates. As it appears, all of ya'll are doing this for entertainment and I must say that I am getting a laugh out of all this myself. Could ya'll please keep it going as long as possible because ya'll are arguing on his page like it's ya'll damn arena and he's probably sitting back not thinking about shit else that passed the comment borderline.

1:02 AM  
Blogger Im so hella cool but u'll neva no y said...

Ummm, who tha fuck r u exactly? Juuuuust wondering. Truthfully, they gon do wut they want. But, i did have some good laughs lol

9:06 PM  

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