Monday, October 09, 2006


I love you, i love everything about u.
U know i cried (not bawled) when Noko died.
She was my Noko too. True, i neva met her or spoke to her. But u made me feel ike she was always available (except when those damn kids needed surgery lol) and was rite next to u.
And u spoke to me as though we were only 30mins (why u gotta be difficult while i'm askin u this lol) away again.
So thank you.
When i need you, and let you know, your're there asap.
Also, we doubt each others love, yet don't doubt our own,
If that ain't some trick out shit lmao
Ay Luis is really gettin on my nerves bout this damn girl
Brand new job and he willin to get fired to see her, now some might say, "Aww thas sweet, or He must love her" Hell Naw, he just stupid.
But seriously, these past few days talkin to u have been great. I've neva been ashamed to express my love for u. And i'm still not.
So Spooky Doo Doo, i love you and i'm in love wit you. I miss you and i'm proud of you. I always have been
N don't worry, u'll get ur tun to cry
Forever N Always


Blogger TWINKLE, TWINKLE BITCH!! said...

Aww! lol so not me but I had to do it. I do love you , I think more now than ever I think you realize that. Your right we doubt each oters but not our own, weird but thats what makes us Tim and Aubry. Oh and then Spooky Doo Doo shit aint funny I told you about that already!

12:21 AM  
Blogger why fall in love when u can stand in it? said...

spooky doo doo? lol thats worse than all of my nicknames (its funny...neva heard anything like it). Gosh, the love you two have makes me smile for yall. Man, thats cool lol.

9:32 PM  

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