Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tha Greatest Treasure

I've had those same what if's. But i wouldn't be me without you. My "plans" are just ways to make life easier in tha future. For u and me. Wut if we weren't supposed to meet? Wut if we aren't supposed to be together/happy/married? FUCK those wut if's. All i care about is u. I stress out on these plans because i'm afraid i can't give u tha life ur used to. U said it' feels funny not havin money, thas a normaly feeling for me. But am i wrong for wanting that? Am i wrong for loving u as much as i do? Sometimes i question that because i'm afraid to get hurt. I've fallen so deep nlove wit u, iono wut i'd do if i were to lose u. My chest gets tingly, my breathing changes, my whole body starts to cave in and crawl into a lil ball at tha thought of losing u. So i don't think it. But am i wrong to doubt ur love? U say Zang is just an ex yet u miss him. And this D(if thas tha guy i think he is) has u change'n display names n i hear it in ur voice, i hear that emotion when u talk about him. I just get scared but don't say nuttin. But at tha same time, u have tha same rite to doubt my love. All these other girls sayin they nlove wit me, i could just pick n choose. As if yall all apples n ready for picking lol. But i did choose, i chose u long ago. True, things have gotten harder, but don't they always? Didn't Cha have a good feelin about us? My friends don't count cause u don't put out lol. But hell, if mama is callin u daughter-in-law. My play sisters call u sister. Do u honestly think after all this, after all we've been thru, we're not ment for each other??? Ur my Aubry, not my trophy, but my Aubry, tha greatest treasure this pirate could plunder (ARG MATEIE!!!) I'm ur Tim, ur complicated, ur Tinkerbell without tha fairy dust or homo jokes attacted to it. Noko said to love me like so n so (it was alot of different ppl lol) Was she worried about tha wut if's. No path taken is tha rite one. Jesus was tha only perfect person. We are allowed to make mistakes. But who's to say that "we" aren't tha mistakes. But cause my heart hasn't covered my eyes, n both say we're ment to be. If loving u is wrong, i'll just have to be in Hell. U r tha person i've waited my whole life for. I won't let u slip away, in your confusion, nor my own. I'm nlove wit u, ur inlove wit me, we're gettin married, and thas final. (don't take that tha wrong way lol)


Blogger This is me..My opened heart. said...

Dont take it the wrong way. lol right.....mhm.I hope erthang works out. Honestly I do. 143

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