Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lasting (prolly not tha best title lol)

Me n momma talked. I asked her tha question ur friend asked u.
She replied "Of course"
I asked her about tha wut if's,
"Eva wondered wut if u n dad weren't ment to be?"
At first i did, but that was only when i was depressed sad or lost
"Why did it change?"
Because he rid me of fear. I no longer had to wonder, will he do me like tha last, does he really love me, is he blown'n smoke up my butt (ya know she rarely says ass lol).
She said everyone was put in ur life for a reason. Some are to help u, some are to hurt u
"How do u know when they're to help u?"
They help you lol
Aubry, in case u didn't know, u've helped me. U've encouraged me to speak my own mind when its needed. U've intensified my emotions. U are tha muse to my writings. U've supported me to get my GED. And made me feel special once i had it. To know someone other than family, or girls tryna get wit me, means alot to me. I don't have alotta faith in myself, but it's more than b4 i moved to KC. And thas thanks 2 u. U said i taught u to have faith in us rite? But tha only reason i HAD/still have (just in case it came off wrong lol) faith, is because u have me reason long ago to believe we'll have something long lasting. And thas tha love we share, Lasting. In tha position we're in, i can't show u i love you, u can't show me eitha. But thas where our faith comes in. NO ONE can ever take ur place, i won't let them, nor could they if they tried, tho some are lol. I can't rid u of ur fears as of now, but in time, will you let me. I'm trying now, but i'm young. I want us to grow old together, to laugh at tha other cause they found a gray hair, then other pluck one from tha other n say "who's laughin now?" I want to have grandkids. But most of all
I want to have you


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That question fucks people up though well it did for me

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