Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Your Turn/Feel me?

Course you fingers throught my hair. Let the curls of my hair engulf you inner palm. Grace my face with you fingers, now slide off my glasses as you feel upon every bag and every brow.
Wait, you stopped.
I said "what's wrong" but no reply, you just layed you index finger upon my lips. I opended one eye, only to see yours moving.
I read your lips.
Your counting my freackles. Your hand elongated towards the back and hit my hot spots
Your touch is enticing.
You took your time as you reached my shoulder.
Gavem em a lil rub too
As you open palmly slid over my coar bone. To see the full effect, errect of both my nipples
You explored down and around, inch and corner. you left scratch marks you mark yours, yet it was heavenly
Exhilarating, how you know me inside and out
Gently slide you hands down and around the wideth of my arms.
Stop at my hands
Under each finger, where a blister would normally be. You feel the foughness of my hands. Roll my hand over and feel the throbing in between my fingers, and that pain in my forearm i haven't told anyone about. Touch me like you lov eme
Show me love me through your touch.
It isn't my turn yet, but i can feel you through me
But do you feel me?


Blogger TWINKLE, TWINKLE BITCH!! said...

Harden nipples? LOL thats all I am going to say

2:23 PM  
Blogger why fall in love when u can stand in it? said...

ooooooh. damn, sounds like when i wrote 'feel' (almost. just reminds me of it) gosh thats tight though. i'm with aubry on that. harden nipples!!! okay. but yeah that was nice

oooooooooooooooh and i JUST got and inspiration

8:20 PM  

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