Thursday, December 21, 2006

I don't know if u'll eva really get it.
But for those.....ah fuck it. Any ideas on wut to rite about?
Didn't think so...mhm comment wit sum ideas, n plz don't let it be lame.

Monday, December 18, 2006

As of now

I no longer have a muse.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

i don't even know lol

Tell me wuts real, wuts fact, n wuts false,
Tell me where to go cause n life i feel lost
Don't tell me wut 2 do cause i'm stubborn i do tha opposite
Life would be easy if only i was a locksmith
Tell me wut is ain't gonna be or become
U claimin that u love but rite now i feel none
Feet feel numb where tha heat it on
Tell if on this road that last turn i took was wrong
Eitha way u say, that path i pick has been chosen
No time for pity, suicide or self-loathin
Big ole explosion, tryna get my name seen
Along with my alias thas y it's sewn in my seems (lol can't spell)
Goin on 19 still an ass with my actions
If i can't get a girl i use my had for satisfactions
Sticky icky palm, shake ur hand or grab a titty
Nachoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Lets get down to tha nitty gritty

Monday, December 11, 2006

Just Thoughts?

My cousin has moved in, he’s going through a divorce.
Now I’m not saying this at all to scare you darling, but he has his reasons
He wasn’t happy.
That’s what I want, to be happy. Not by myself, but with you
But I want u to be happy also, and as much as it would…
If u weren’t happy, I’d let u go
Lately, every time I turn around relationships are being discussed
U know I’ve neva really been single after u. I’ve always loved you
True, at one time I was unsure, but I have no doubt now, well not now but u get wut I’m sayin lol
I’m always thinking of you, now more than ever. I see u when I wake up, while I’m woke, b4 I sleep, tha whole shebang
Ur worried that u won’t live up to wut I think u will.
And I’ve been sayin u will, as long as u be u. But….
Tha reason I say that is because I don’t know wut I think I want u to be because I’m scared to loose you
I know if I expect too much and u can’t live up to that, I’ll loose you
And I’ll do ANYTHING I can, not to loose you
Everything my cousin wants and needs in a woman, all tha things dad says a man needs in a woman, I have in you
I think ur scared to accept tha fact that I truly love you, that I see u as my TRUE love.
Then again, maybe u do know.
I wish I could just hold you, I wouldn’t have to feel on u, I wouldn’t have to buy u anything
All I need is for u to look me n tha eyez. My eyes hold tha truth, I love you (strong toned voice)
I want to hold u, I need to hold, I have to hold you.
I don’t wanna cry when I see u again, so imma try and hold back tha water works (lol)
But if u knew wut I knew, u know…….this isn’t just thoughts, I love you……