Monday, October 30, 2006

This Outter Shell

Uh oh! Lights out, no camera no action, just me. Me? Is it really just me? I dunno, i can't see. There's this nothingness, this void, this darkness that surrounds me. No stumbling or fallin, there's nothing there to trip over. It's cold, it's hot, its warm it's cool. I love you, i hate you. I push u pull, u pull i push, tug or war we play, i guess i'm str8, which means bad day. Who's there!??! I heard something!! Nope nothing, not even tha wind..... I'm lonely come hold me. But wait i'm alone. I cry but no tears, no heights so no fears rite? Nope, cause i'm alone. This nothingness, this void, this darkness that surrounds me. I'm smiling! I remember!! My friends my family!! Ahh i feel tha warmth of ur hands. Your eyes, such beauty. That smile, Tha harshness of reality is back once again. No control, no comfort, no sleep, nothing. Is all lost, or is nothing found? Can u define happiness? Many ppl decribe saddness, hate, depression and despair, but none define happiness. What is happiness? Is it a good feeling? How does it counter-act with feeling bad then? Is happiness all a figment of our imaginations? Do we long for happiness so much that we make it up or pretend that it exist? Because of some word in tha dictionary, every uses this word along with many out of context. Happiness has no meaning, there for i think it shouldn't be a word. Betta than that illusion refered to has happy. But this are thought that come around in this nothingness, this void, this darkness that surounds me. For this is my inner self, no beauty, no gimicks, no sweet talks, just tha truth. And all ppl are invibe with is this worthless outter shell, ppl are bound by appearences. U don't love me, u don't vibe me. U vibe this outter shell that seems more important, more....unique than tha rest. It has it's qualities, but so does everyone. But makes mine so special? Nothing. Tha thoughts views and opinions? U don't know have of them. I encourage ppl to vent and rant because bottling up isn't healthy. Why? Because i'm a prime example of bottling too much up. So as i stated, u don't vibe me, because vibe is just a word, and words are meaningless. Its tha actions behind those words that give them meaning. So vibe on if u diggin it.


Blogger Take away this pain and let me live happy again said...

right......... it was another creation from tim!. nuff said

6:48 PM  
Blogger Im so hella cool but u'll neva no y said...

Ya know, that makes it sound like all i did was make sume as usual. Nuff said lol

6:50 PM  
Blogger Take away this pain and let me live happy again said...

no i meant it was from u... a creation that needs no sayin i liked... but comments arent really in me no more.... but it was good... what ur feelin right now

6:53 PM  
Blogger This is me..My opened heart. said...

...i feel the vibes. really i understand. But you probably knew i would understand some part of it. check ya lata love.143

9:00 PM  
Blogger why fall in love when u can stand in it? said...

happiness has a meaning. i think we look for happiness so much that once we find it we dont know it so its not happiness until its a part of the past. once its a part of the past we think 'so i WAS happy once'....digg? When you look too hard you wont find ya glasses, cuz they're on your face! Digg what I'm sayin?

5:26 PM  
Blogger TWINKLE, TWINKLE BITCH!! said...

It was a word

11:40 PM  

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