Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I wish i knew it all but i dont...and thas ok

It's like this, there is something about u i don't like. its not tha fact that u love him. Its tha fact that u've left me 2 b with him b4. And i'm afraid u'll do it again. U don't miss "just boyfriends" I know u don't cheat. I've wasn't thinkin that u were. People at work tell me their engaged. I say tha same. I tell them about our distance and they say ur cheating or fucking. But i don't believe eitha. Nor has tha thought came across my mind that u could be. U say u love me. U say ur IN love with me. U just don't do that to ppl u have those kinda of feelings for. Maybe thas y i don't understand y u still love Zang. Maybe tha reason why i write so much about/toward you is because maybe u'll understand. I want I WILL show u. U WILL feel it.
But those are just meaningless words. But my tears aren't words, nor are they meaningless. I can't stand tha thought of losing you. When i think of it, my chest swells up, n tears form. I won't let them fall. I don't cry often. Y can't we say we're destined to be? Y can't we say we're soul-mates. My mind heart and soul was made up a while ago that we were destined to be, and were soul-mates. That u are my true love. But didn't i teach u to have faith in us? U said what we had was lasting. I BELIEVE U! I honestly and truly believe that we'll last. Doesnt that give us tha rite to say we'll last? "I think no I konw that we can work this is out if we have a lot of stuff in common plus we love each other" Remember that? I know there's no time limit on trusting urself, in time it will happen. I know there's no time limit on trusting urself, in time it will happen. But i'll be here. I never want to have to say Goodbye.


Blogger why fall in love when u can stand in it? said...

Goodbye is indeed hard to say, hell, I've said it before and it still gives me problems. Honestly, I didn't have to, I just gave up. While you two have 16 hours between each other, the person I said goodbye to is hundreds of thousands of miles away lol, in Japan...wait NO he's en route to Hong Kong (fuckin navy). I gave up, I did. ANYWAYS, the point, I understand giving up, but sometimes its best to fight against it. Not saying anything in a bad way, not trying to act like I know everything, NOT trying to get all in your relationship...but giving up and saying goodbye could hurt worse than one thinks, and it can ruin things. I gave up, find out he's in love...bought a damn ring, overseas for another year...and i might not even see him then. Dont give up hope in this yall.

8:58 PM  
Blogger Take away this pain and let me live happy again said...

dont say goodbye.. but juss see you later til time mends the uneasyness...... but this is what i have to say(even tho it hurts) i agree with "why fall"....dont give up... try with all ur might.. because i know goodbye hurts forever........ o i like this too.. its so real!

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