Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Nothing in life is easy except mistakes. People pretend, they don't nessisarlly lie. But avoid that somethings aren't workin out. Now over all it could be goin well. But even tha lil things can cause doubt. My girl is 16 hours away. And technically she's not my girl. We're single, we've agreed to that. But does that make me view her any different? No not at all. Love was never ment to be a game. Society changed it into a game, as if it's america's favorite past-time event. True, love has it's ups and downs. As does true love. But true love should have more ups than down. If it doesn't, u should question is that love true, or for that matter, it is love at all. Being raised? My father (a.k.a sperm donar) was a cheater, n cause my parents divorce. To this day i neva truly forgave him. I seen how my mother reacted, and chose not to do women wrong. I've cheated ONCE in my life. N vowed neva to cheat again. I was 15 then, n my promise hasn't been broken to this day. I know women, if i wanted to be a playa or pimp, trust n believe i could. But regardless of wut flows thru my veins, thas not who i am as a person. I choose my own path as a man in life. True, i haven't found who i am yet, and have many doubt about myself that i shouldn't. But tha worries of tha world don't concern me. I play by my rules, and God's rules.


Blogger why fall in love when u can stand in it? said...

dre junior has done it again. words that can get you thinking. ur right, tru love has its ups and downs and it SHOULD have more ups...that was a good question (is it love at all?) well, gee willikers, i dont know what to say on that. and im slackin cuz i aint wrote nothin on my blog so imma holla

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Read it

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