Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Normally this would be my reply to ur poem. But this is just settin some things str8
I've NEVER claimed to love you. I do love you. And i'm in love wit you
I'm not gon dog Zang out eitha, i have no reason to
But it's neva been about which of us loves u more. It's who u love more.
Strangely enough i thought we came to tha agreement that we really do love each other.
And when u came down was when i was goin to officially ask you to marry me. Thas y i was gettin rings and was gonna get a ticket for u n everything. So i could do it rite, not tru dez, not thru a poem or fone, but in person. I can't come see u at free will, tho i wish i could. Tha only time we've been together, u wouldn't even look at me, and marriage wasn't in our talks. And for someone who wouldn't put ppl in comprimising situations. Y r u puttin my love against Zangs? Will that really end your confusion?
U really don't know wut u want. But thas okay, cause i'll be here till u do, and afterward as well


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