Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Fuck urself!
Why don't u wanna love me huh? Who do u wanna love? Zang? Oh wait u already do so how tha fuck am i stoppin yall from doin yall?
I'm not
Its not like my love is holding u back, cause u don't giva fuck bout me rite? Rite. Was it sumething ur Noko said? Nah couldn't be, ur grown ass woman makin ur own life.
And Zang, u must think i giva fuck bout u got to say still? Umm i don't. Say wut u wanna. Do wut u wanna. Plot all u want. I DON"T GIVA FUCK!!!
U say u dont' care about my poems, yet u got to my page to read em just to stay updated???
Fuck it man, if u don't wanna love me don't. It's not like ya give a damn. I know u not no muthafucking perfect.
True, i don't know u as well as i think i do, but i know u betta than u think i do. It's tha same fuckin shit it was as b4. I know wut u gon do. "Some of tha cloest ppl to me have told u" blah blah blah, that don't mean shit neitha
I fuckin quit! U don't do nuttin but talk shit any muthafuckin way. I SMOKE and I DRINK!!!! SO FUCKIN WUT?!?! U do some shit i ain't fuckin fond of eitha ya know. But i ain't said shit bout it. U gon do u, and keep on livin, so good luck wit that
Errbody can kiss my ass!! Them fuckin folks don't know me or giva fuck bout me, just like u don't know a damn!
Bullshittin lie'n ass muthafucker


Blogger Take away this pain and let me live happy again said...

(damn... i hope these are just word cause if i dont care then i must be fake... cause me loving you comes along with me wanting to catch every one of ur tears. sometimes i wanna cry for you just so i can share ur pain n sorrow. even on top of all my tears i care and wanna be here.. the reason you dont see i care is because u block me out of there "your heart" i mean.because she has filled it up..) but i like this spurt of emotions... a true lovers rage... means so much... great!!!! real nice!

12:39 AM  

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