Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Trick-free Convo Proposal

Hey Zang. Feel free to comment on this one. I would like to say thank you for havin me and my family in ur prayers. I'll do tha same. Sooo ummm, whats good? How school? (with all mind game aside lol)


Anonymous Zang said...

Wow Star told me that she told u that I read ur blog...No offense or anything hope you didn't take offense to it...Ur welcome bro it's nothing...I know how hard it is to see ur lil siblings in and out the hospital...Nothing really is goin on...School is school nothing special about it besides its school

5:20 PM  
Blogger Im so hella cool but u'll neva no y said...

Yea, it's not. But ay nigga!! U coulda commented or sume lol. If u had a blog...nah i see where u coming from lol. I'd prolly only appear on tha blogs when i wanted lol. Ya know, if it wasn't for Bryboo, we'd have got along great! Actually, i think we get along ight now when we both on good terms with her. But i noticed, we two important ppl in her life. Iono how she'd take losin eitha of us. So instead of tryna run each other off, i've come to tha conclusion, neither is leaving lol. U got any systems?

2:26 AM  

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