Thursday, October 26, 2006


I don't have any. No...seriously I have NONE!
Well depends on tha type of control we're talkin about. Control ova sexual impulses? Got that.
But as far as over all control, i have none
I have absolutely no control ova my life
I get paid, mama spends my money
I want my hair down, mama wants me to put it up
I wanna go here, i can't cause no ride
Why no ride? Cause i can't save money cause mama spends it all
Say sume to her? Ha, offend my mother, i've got better ways than doin it like that
I want kids, my future wife says she gettin em tied
It's like every fuckin decsion i want to make in life, i can't because ppl say i can't or ppl hold me down.
N thas fuckin bullshit. Thas another reason y i play RPG (Role Playing Games) because there, and only there, do i feel like i have control ova something. My life, my fate, my destiney. It's as if it's been laid out for me as though i want it. I DON"T!!! Tha only thing i've fought to have is Aubry. But can i truly call her mine? In 3 years we'll know. A year later, a hystawatchamacallit n no kids. Or so she claims. I don't even know any more. My mind is all jumbled. How can i claim to be religious yet not talk to God? I talk, but we neva converse. Mama try to force her beliefs on me. U had years to do wut u wanted to do have ur fun, do u dirt, n turn to God. Let me live my OWN FUCKING LIFE!!!! I'LL NEVA BE WAT ANYONE EXPECTS!!!! Not tha greatest poet, rapper, lover husband son NADA! I'm TIM if u don't like that Soooooooooooooo what!! Yes i am a mutil-racial racist. Some how i do seem to keep myself from killin myself. So lets not focus on my apparent faults. Leave tha negativity, and "talk to God" and lets focus on something positive that works. Even ponder wus wrong. THIS IS!! I DON'T CONTROL MY LIFE!!! Sooooo FUCK what u heard!! (theres more n my head but fuck it rite now


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know ur suppose to be serious on this but its funny...but I do like it though

2:11 PM  
Blogger Take away this pain and let me live happy again said...

yeah itz nice... i like it too

2:32 AM  
Blogger This is me..My opened heart. said...

Hey. We need to talk. Simple as that. I see your words but i havent heard you express it verbally to me. So lets talk. No matter if you feel like it wont change shit. call me. This is not a plead. But i feel we need to. 143. u know where i'm coming from.
-kit kat

1:15 PM  

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