Thursday, October 26, 2006


Now thas something that no one has alot of. No not of tha world but of me
I only let certain ppl know certain things about me. No one really knows everything about me
Then again ur not gonna find someone at all that knows EVERYTHING about a person but yea. I mean for example. When i have......complications (yea, yea, thas word) with Aubry...tha one person to turn to is Crstyal. Thas my girl rite there, Kit-Kat, i love you to death. I got u, and u got me. N sorry if i'm an ass but we've gotten used to that fact. Still within tha example, I dont tell Rere about tha.....complications between Aubry and myself. Granted she my friend n she care about me n wants me happy. To know i'm havin trouble with Aubry might make her happy. (not sayin i don't want her happy but yea). Vetta kinda get's wind of bits of everything. She's usually tha last person i talk to, n everyone who's talked to me around nite nite time, KNOWS a nigga be loopy as fuck lol. Keyla tries lol. But wit her now talkin to this other dude. Imma let her do her. She wants to be there for me, but she can't if she wanna man lol DUH lol. Mia is my musiq info girl. Thas my musiq road dog lol. Any type of music i like, she like. We'll sit n talk about music But who can i talk to about girls? Not Rere, she gets offended, not Vetta, she says i'm wrong for wut i do, not mia, cause it's not music lol, not Keyla cause she used to get offended. So who? Jinx? Nerp, that nigga talk to me bout girls, i just listen. James? Hell we don't talk that often no more lol. Jaz? Wow that name popped up outta nowhere, but she hasn't. Aubry? U gotta be kiddin me. If i talked to Aubry bout some, it sho ain't bout these girls lol. Now Bryboo, u might think I do, but trust me, i don't. But it's cool, cause i'm a jealous bastard so i don't wanna know bout nan nigga. Oh n Troy for a good laugh (i ain't forget u! lol) But all n all, all these girls hold a place in my heart. And knowledge of me of sume specific in their head. (this has complete lost direction from tha original idea in my head. But maybe it's from Vetta talkin bout her goin to tha gas station tonight with tha pit-bull lmao. Who knows) But it just goes to show. I listen, they listen, they tell, i tell, i understand, they try to lol. I love yall but yall don't know shit bout me. Lol well ya know shit, but it ain't as much as u think lol


Blogger TWINKLE, TWINKLE BITCH!! said...

U doing an Aubry? Tellin people that they dont know wat they think? lol....again its u know I love it

2:15 PM  
Blogger why fall in love when u can stand in it? said...

ahhh yeah i feel like i did somethin good now lol. man i was chillin here listenin to musiq a minute ago and halfcrazy came on and i aint heard that in SO long...anyway im sposed to be commenting. u know i liked it and i can honestly say i dont know errthang about u cuz i dont know errthang bout myself...not errthang. but yeah i liked it.

12:52 AM  
Blogger Take away this pain and let me live happy again said...

yep i like it to

2:26 AM  
Blogger This is me..My opened heart. said...

venting i see. keep going dear.

1:19 PM  

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