Saturday, November 18, 2006

Alot on mind

Check it......i gotta get this shit outta my thoughts sume how

It's like this, Lil mama like me. She like me like me to tha point she thought she could be inlove wit me...Lil mama introduced me to ReRe......ReRe introduced me to Vetta, and through Vetta came Troy and Ayo. Now keep in mind during all this i'm engaged to Aubry and everyone knows but Lil mama (i think lol) Soooooo me n ReRe start talkin, and we gettin cool, late nite talks, fallin asleep on tha fone, good laughs, and comforting. It was me comforting her mostly, cause i don't let ppl come to my aid. Thas how me n CJ lost contact for a month (CJ is Lil mama cousin) Now, i was talkin to Rere, Vetta, Troy, CJ, and of course Aubry all durning tha same period. But Aubry and i talked less frequently than others due to her being n college n wut not. Yea i started to think she ain't want me n it was all a lie. But CJ was my faith n strength when mine was gone. Now Rere and Vetta don't think Aubry loves me, now it might not seem all to complicated yet, but just wait..........Rere tells me she loves me, wait, correction, she's IN love with me. Big diference, big meaning big upcoming mistake. So she's inlove with me....ok cool rite? Nope not at all, it's hard enough to deal and believe that tha girl I'VE been inlove with is in love with me too and has been for almost as long as i've been inlove with this new chick say she inlove wit me too! So i did wut anyother nigga in my place thas not used to this woulda done...push her tha fuck away lmao evil? No not at all. I felt like she lied to me, i mean how u gon love me? I mean honestly,


Blogger Take away this pain and let me live happy again said...


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Blogger why fall in love when u can stand in it? said...

well iaint got no part in THIS...yo that is crazy though fareal. But, ummm
errthang has a reason
and "they say ppl in ya life is seasons"
thinkin all this has a purpose
nights holdin one
dreamin of another
wishin another would jus let go
and another would realize...
jus realize....
that a promise is like a heart
often broken
iono where this comes from
i'm jus knowin
that in the end u will have that prized token
her not only in, but close to ur heart

digg what im sayin, i hope u got what i said in the end lol

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